Saturday, May 4, 2013

Vikes Club Team See a Whole New Level of Competition

The Nechako Lakes Club team got off to a solid start this weekend as they downed the Kootenays North Club team by a score of 36-27. Braedon Bray got off to a hot start from the three point line hitting his first 3 attempts,  Caleb Wale controlled the glass, with second half opportunities. The boys iced the game in the last two minutes with Dakota Clapperton and Jason chew scoring their last 8 points with some good penetration to the basket, and some wide open jump shots. Well done boys!

The rest of the tournament wasn't as easy as they faced some highly skilled club teams 1-2 yrs older. The boys worked hard but, experience, and conditioning were contributing factors to their losses. It is really important to play better teams if you are going to adjust to that next level of play. The boys learned that the game can be played at an entirley different level, everybody is faster, stronger, bigger and more experienced. this was a good experience for the boys and the off season is where you make improvements and that jump to the next level. Well done boys!

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