Sunday, April 28, 2013

Viking Basketball Camp a Big Success for All

The future Senior Boys Basketball team hosted a successful elementary hoop camp this past week at NVSS. It was a week long camp that featured 5 two hour sessions of basketball fundamentals, and instruction to elementry students grades 3-7. "It is really important said Vaughn Mueller that all the boys learn to give back through coaching. They get to see a whole different perspective of the game, it forces them to think about the basic funadamentals in a different way." You know how the saying goes to teach is to learn. The proceeds from the basketball camp will go towards the Gonzaga team camp coming up at the end of July. Well done Vikes and good luck in Gonzaga!

Dakota Clapperton was awarded the most promising coach award for is coaching at the camp.

top free throw shooters from each team

Girls camp free throw Champion grades 3-4 age class

Boys camp free throw champion grade 3-4 class

Boys Free Throw Champion Grades 5,6,7 class

Camp Champs with coaches Mckay Jenson, Jonathan Mueller, and Caleb Wale

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